Personal Shamanic Healing session with Itzhak Beery

geïnitieerd in de familietraditie van een Quechuan Yachak uit Ecuador.

Begin: Wednesday, 08 May 2019
Einde: Friday, 10 May 2019
Locatie:  Levantkade 81 1019MJ, Amsterdam

Shamanic healing herstelt de balans en verbinding tussen lichaam ziel en geest. Het richt zich niet alleen op symptomen, zoals traditionele geneeskunde of therapie, maar spreekt het volledige gezondheidssysteem aan.

Itzhak Beery maakt gebruik van de methodes van de Quechua traditie om emotioneel en fysiek welzijn te bewerkstelligen en het geneesproces op gang te brengen. Itzhak diagnosticeert de fysieke en geestelijke gesteldheid, reinigt lichaam en geest, heft energieblokkades op tussen de vier geestelijke en fysieke lichamen, verwijdert negatieve energie, versterkt de bescherming, opent de chakra’s, en geeft recepten en rituelen mee voor groei en healing. 

Itzhak Beery (New York), geboren in Israel, werd geïnitieerd bij de familietraditie van een Quechuan Yachak  uit Ecuador. Hij studeerde met Ipupiara, een Braziliaanse ‘elder’ en met Cleicha, een Peruaanse curandera(highly spiritual member of a community). Itzhak is eveneens geinitieerd door Shoré, een Shaman uit de Amazone.

Vanaf 1994 studeerde hij het het pad van de shaman en healing met inheemse shamans uit ondermeer Hawaii, Ecuador, Peru, Groenland, en Amerika. Hij is een van de oprichters van de New York Shamanic Circle, onderdeel van de Society for Shamanic Practitioners, en oprichter van een van de belangrijkste kennisplatforms over shamanisme Itzhak heeft een eigen healing praktijk in New York City en geeft cursussen en workshops aan het leidende spirituele instituut in New York, het Open Centre.

Het tarief bedraagt 195 euro voor 1,5 uur 


Als je direct wil boeken dan kan dat via deze site je klikt op de oranje knop inschrijven en laat je gegevens achter, wij nemen dan direct contact met je op voor het maken van een afspraak wanneer het jou schikt. Of n eem contact op  voor het plannen van je afspraak of bel 06-30411883.

Zodra we een afspraak hebben gemaakt sturen we je per mail een betaallink en maak je je boeking definitief. Mocht het tarief te hoog voor je zijn neem dan even contact op dan kijken we wat we kunnen doen. 

Meer informatie? Check zijn website: w

Shamanic Healing Itzhak Beery

Data:  8 (13.00 tot 18.00) ,9 (10.00 - 19.00) & 10 Mei (10.00 - 13.00)
Sessies:  tussen 10.00 tot 19.00 
Locatie : Levantkade 81
Tarief : 195 euro/ca 1,5 uur 

Boek snel er zijn echte maar slechts enkele plekken en reserveringen voor Itzhak Beery lopen hard. Zit je tight on budget? Neem dan even contact op. 


Before seeing Itzhak I had been struggling with opiate addiction for over 8 years. I had tried multiple rehabs, 12 step programs, maintenance drugs, and more. I had bouts of clean time but always went back to using. I was depressed and hopeless.

After my sessions with Itzhak, I was finally able to overcome my addiction for good and have been clean for over 2 years. 

I now have joy and enthusiasm for life again. Itzhak has truly saved my life. He is amazing at what he does and I am forever grateful to him.”  -P.C.

"I have experienced great benefits from our sessions and I'm grateful for that."  -T.M.

"...I do believe our work together and your teachings has changed the course of my life. It is hard to put into words, but I know the changes are to be solid and lasting. I lost so much fear and came into clarity and purpose in a new and deeper way. That curse from my mother feels gone and instead I have confidence.  –E.K

"My 28 year old sister had been struggling with anxiety, depression, and alcoholism for over 7 years. She had a year of sobriety under her belt, but was still living with my parents in a very toxic household, and was very depressed and anxious. She had no hope for the future, and despite having 3 years of college under her belt, she couldn’t get the motivation to finish her last year and get her degree. She had no motivation to do anything at all, and I was very worried about her and her sobriety. She was in a huge rut, and I knew Itzhak could help her. I had already had a few sessions with Itzhak and he has helped me more than words can describe. I took her to see him and after one session, she immediately started applying to colleges, got into a good one a couple hours from my parents house, and moved into her own apartment. She is now finishing her last year, graduating in May, and is applying to grad school. She still has rough days, of course, but she is so much happier and healthier, and is about to celebrate 2 years of sobriety. She has a new energy and enthusiasm for life and her future, which she did not have before. Itzhak is incredibly an incredibly gifted healer and everyone can benefit from a session with him, not matter what is going on in your life. I am so incredibly grateful to him for helping my sister and myself." -PC

"I want to thank you for the session last week. It was insights full and helped me gain a new perspective which has altered the way I experience my current situation as well as how I feel about the future."   -P.S.P

"Hi Itzhak, So much healing from our session. My back pain has greatly reduced where before it was constantly daily to an occasional stabbing pain. I’m continuing to work on releasing the pain."   -Y.H.

 "I had a really cool session with Itzhak. Honestly it changed my life in a few ways. I love shamanism, and he helped me bring that back to life within myself."  - T.W.S.

"Itzhak Beery delivers heavy duty shamanic healings through a light and easy funnel. I loved his lightness of spirit and infectious laughter and his intuitive hits were spot on. My friend, who saw me both before and after the session, told me I looked 10 years younger. I believed her. I highly recommend him." - G.M.

"Dear Itzhak Beery, A few months ago you helped dear friends of mine to heal traumas caused by those who wanted to prevent their success. I made a sort of commitment that if you helped them, then I would take the journey with you to Ecuador.

It was not easy to write to you and make this decision. Part of me wants nothing to do with battling the evil on other levels. On the other hand when I saw my friends suffering for years and how hard it was to convince them to visit someone like you, I could not stay indifferent..."   –A.P. 

"Dear Itzhak, I want to thank you for the La Limpia healing. I have been feeling calm in the midst of a lot of stress around me. But even more beautiful, I just became overwhelmed with emotion for my mother. Recognizing her love was deep and we had a bond , regardless of any pain she may have caused me. I feel deep forgiveness towards her and know what ever happened  was for my souls growth and journey."  –J.P.

"Thank You, Itzhak for helping my daughter conceive, carry and give birth to my granddaughter A." - D.M


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