Condor Awakening Shamanic Seminar

A transforming seminar where you get insights in an ancient shamanic worldview as practiced throughout the native tribal societies. Those societies recognizes that we live in a world of different dimensions of ' realities', each with unique symbolism, vibration and consciousness. Shamans learn to tap into those realities and are able to bring you knowledge that can change your circumstances and cause healing. You can also join only Sunday mail

The Andes mythological Condor is a symbol of power, health and living in harmony with the environment. He is the ruler of the upper world and the messenger between the creator’s cosmic knowledge and humans who lives in the middle-world. With his powerful and enormous wingspan the Condor leaps from the heights of the Apus -sacred Andes mountain- into the void with trust and courage.

Now is the time to enter different dimensions of “realities” with special vibration and consciousness. A time to draw on the condor's eye view , take the leap, and spot our next life shift so we can gain knowledge and reconnect with our own soul destiny.  Join us in age-old shamanic ceremonies, fire and air rituals, shamanic journeys accompany by drumbeats, chants, working with power animals, spirit helpers and powerful body movement exercises. (( Transform your life and live a more authentically powerfully and prosperously.

Itzhak also will be available for limited number of personal ceremonial healing sessions. Klik hier 

Itzhak Beery - Israeli born Itzhak, was initiated into the family tradition of a powerful Quechua Yachak from Ecuador. He also studied with Ipupiara a Brazilian elder and Cleicha, a Peruvian curandera (healer). Additionally, since 1994, Itzhak has studied the shamanic path and healing ways with indigenous shamans from Hawaii, Ecuador, Peru, Greenland, Native American and the United States.  Itzhak has a private shamanic ceremonial healing practice in New York and conducts shamanic workshops in Europe, Israel, Hawaii, and the US.

Locatie: De Roos Vondelpark
Datum: zaterdag en zondag 9 & 10 juni
Tijd: 10.00 - 17.00 
Prijs: 225 € incl BTW (join only Sunday then reduction mail


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