Guyasa Tea Ceremony

Amazonian Guayusa Dream Tea Ceremony  at De Ruimte Saturday, June 3 from 18.00 - 23.00 - Cost: € 95

This is a powerful experiential intensive shamanic evening into the dimensions of dreamtime , and altered states. It is a vision quest that challenges your inner warrior, your sense of space, time and direction, as you step in into the mystery of dreamtime.

In a special traditional ceremony we honor the Guayusa tree spirit with chants, songs and music. As we sip the sacred tea, we go into a deep meditative silence in darkness to encounter and communicate with our spirit guides and other spirits to enable us to bring new visions and awareness into our lives.

The Amazonian Kichwa of Ecuador believes that the Guayusa plant taught human beings how to dream. It is also called “The Night Watchman” as it sharpens the hunter’s instincts keep focused energy and has night vision and awareness. Kichwa families drink gourds of Guayusa around the communal fire from dawn till sunrise as a way to create a tribal bond and rejuvenate their spirit and bodies. During this time, they share their night’s dreams as the shaman interprets them so they can plan the day’s course of action. This is also the time when the elders teach the youth about ancestral myths, hunting practices and social ethics.

Guayusa, similarly to yerba maté, is a medicinal plant that contains caffeine without the rugged edges and it’s filled with healthy antioxidants. It also has theobromine, found in chocolate, and L-theanine, found in green tea. You will feel fully alive. It is not hallucinating; it simply activates the brain, not allowing it to go deep into theta/delta states (below the level of the conscious mind), which allows you to “see” your vision.

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Itzhak will be available for personal Shamanic Healing ceremonies during his stay. Please contact Saskia for healings an availability

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