Satsang met Prem Baba

Satsang met Sri Prem Baba op donatiebasis in de Muiderkerk. Als je je inschrijft word je op de gastenlijst gezet. Je hoeft pas aan de deur te betalen.  Prem Baba is a spiritual master of the Sacha lineage and a shaman from Brazil, who attracts many people from all over the world. He works to build bridges between spirituality and psychology, East and West. He mixes Satsang and meditation, music and chanting.

Prem Baba will address how to open your heart, observe yourself, integrate your shadow and connect with the divine. He offers a rigorous and practical form of psycho-spiritual work called “O caminho do Coracao” – “The Path of the Heart” that will allow you to go beyond fear and ego to love and compassion.

To see Prem Baba on youtube go to:

Satsang Prem Baba

    • Locatie: Muiderkerk, Linneausstraat 37, Amsterdam 
    • Datum: 31 mei 20.00-22.00
    • Prijs: donatie suggestie 10 €

Je hoeft je niet in te schrijven, je kan gewoon komen en ter plekke betalen!


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