Shamanic Healing Practices for Mind and Body

Shamanic Healing Practices for Mind and Body.  Using Guiding Spirits for Diagnostic and Bodywork - The High Andes and Amazonian Techniques:

  • Power Animals Spirit Guides
  • Candle Flame and Egg Diagnostic Reading
  • Full Body Hand Scanning and Energy Gazing 
  • Tucuma Palm Tree Needles
  • Aztec Bodywork

You are welcome to register for a unique shamanic healing training workshop. It is designed for both those who are novices with a strong healing curiosity, and for those who have p revious h ealing experience, and want to add authentic shamanic-based healing bodywork methods to their toolbox. You will learn the principals, techniques and philosophies behind these sacred healing methods, which have rarely been taught. Most importantly, you will be able to practice them on your fellow participants and receive sacred healing yourself.

The teaching will include the following High Andes, Amazonian and Aztec techniques:

- Power Animals Spirit Guides -  Retrieve a special spirit helper in the spirit world to assist you in your healing work by connecting to the source of knowledge.

- Candle Flame and Egg Diagnostic Reading A staple practice by the Yachaks of the Ecuadorian High Andes, which aids in finding out the root causes of their clients physical, emotional and spiritual health, or sickness. You will learn the interpretation and meaning of each of the color areas within the flame, the shapes of the wax and flame, and the wick positions. You will learn to decipher the egg’s consistencies, blemishes, white filament structures, and position in the glass, and how it all relates to the person's life and health. 

- Full Body Hand Scanning and Energy Gazing  These are Lay-of- Hands and Energy Gazing techniques to locate energy blockages in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. They help indicate the specific body areas that need special attention and healing due to emotional and physical traumas.

- Aztec Bodywork A Lay-of- hands diagnostic technique that enables you to "see"; into the client’s past life events and medical conditions, and is helpful in rebalancing and calming the body’s energy. It allows you to explore the heart, masculine, feminine and sexual energy centers, and rebalance them.

Recommend reading: Here are two of my books that will help you understand more about shamanic healing and the techniques we are going to explore prior to the workshop:

The Gift of Shamanism: Visionary Power, Ayahuasca Dreams, and Journeys to the Other Realms &  Shamanic Healing:  Traditional Medicine for the Modern World



  • Saturday, May 12, 2017 -  10:00-18:00
  • Cost: € 125 (when low income please contact me 


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