Shamanic Practices for Mind and Body

How visions heal? Shamanic practices for mind and body Discover how the unseen realm of dreams and visions hold the key to balance, health, and thriving in today's world.  By bringing proper attention to our visions and dreams, we can receive clear guidance that can profoundly improve our lives. 

Every one of us has the capacity to develop the tools and natural intuition to apply potent shamanic practices to ourselves. Deep within you -- within all of us -- lay dormant visionary powers waiting to be realized -- freed from the confines of our fears, cultural taboos, and old habits. 

Occasionally we get glimpses of them in the forms of dreams, deja vu experiences, surprise visions, out-of-body experiences, and other phenomena. Most people simply dismiss these experiences: “Just a silly coincidence,” or "It was only a dream.” But, as the shamans say in the Amazon, “The world is as we dream it.” Humans have limited capability to truly experience the world with our five senses. That is why it is important to develop your intuitive tools and connect to the sixth sense, to other dimensions. Once recognized and intentionally applied to your life, these powerful intuitive experiences can lead to dramatic and profound healings. They can help you become more in tune with life and live in harmony with everything around you, to live with ease and focus.

Itzhak Beery 

Itzhak Beery is internationally renowned as a shamanic healer with special insightful and penetrating knowledge. In his new book, The Gift of Shamanism, he recounts his journey from New York advertising professional to Andes and Amazonian shamanic apprentice. He was chosen to become a lineage holder, and instructed to apply this ancient wisdom in his home -- the heart of Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

Facts & Figures

  • Workshop: 9 June from 2pm till 5pm in de Ruimte Weesperzijde 79 Amsterdam-
  • Workshop fees: 45 euros or 95 euro with Tea Ceremony

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