Training Shamanic Healing Techniques Itzhak Beery

Shamanic Healing Techniques Seminar 

We will explore: rituals and practices from several healing traditions, including those of the Ecuadorian Quechua and of the Brazilian Amazon; shamanic journeying and divination; the role of power animals and teachers; the use of huachas (sacred items); how to set up a sacred altar; chants and music in healing; the development of intuition; healing techniques; and how to protect oneself from negative energies. 

More about Itzhak Beery                                       

Israeli native, is a NYC-based shamanic practitioner who conducts shamanic healing ceremonies, teaches workshops for adults, seniors, teens and children in the USA, Europe, Israel and Hawaii and co-lead trips to Brazil's Amazon. He apprenticed intensively and initiated by Don Jose Joaquin Pineda an Ecuadorian Quechua Yachak into his family tradition. He studied with Ipupiara a Brazilian Amazonian Pagé from the Uru-eu-wau-wau tribe, Cliecha, Peruvian Curandera and other South and North American indigenous elders and shamans. Itzhak is co-founder of the NY Shamanic Circle (NYSC) and member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners (SSP), He is the publisher of   the most comprehensive shamanic resource today. Itzhak's work has been featured in a variety of publications, radio and video interviews and he is often invited to speak on panel discussions and press conferences. He was featured in the film "The Hindenburg Omen."    Article in New York Times 

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Date: saturday 8th of june 2013  
Locatie: De Roos, PC Hooftstraat  
Price: € 75 presale en   € 90 @door                                                    
Time: 10.00-17.00  

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