Workshop/lezing Anodea Judith

Creation is Ecstasy,Manifestation through the Chakras

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Manifestation is joyous when you break through the blocks that stand in the way. Ecstasy comes from realizing your goals – whether it’s publishing a book, buying a house, taking a vacation, finishing a project, or serving the world
- Anodea Judith

The seven levels of the chakra system represents the architecture of the human soul and a map for spiritual and personal growth.The journey upward through the chakras brings us to enlightenment, but the other half of the journey brings our divine aspirations into manifestation on the earth plane.

This one-day course will give you a step by step formula for bringing your dreams into reality. Beginning in the crown chakra with pure consciousness, you will learn to transform your ideas into visions (chakras 7-6), communicate your visions into goals (chakra 5), bring your goals into relationship (chakra 4), fuel it with action (chakra 3), move it with passion into what you desire (chakra 2), and bring your intention all the way into completion (chakra 1).

In the process of creation, it is common to encounter blocks or obstacles at each chakra level.  This course teaches you how to handle the obstacles as they arise, so that creation becomes a joyful and effective process.

Anodea Judith

Anodea is a world renowned teacher on the chakra system, with over half a million books in print, and four books in Dutch (give some titles if you can). This course has been taught across the US, Canada, Costa Rica, the UK, and the Netherlands. Past participants have had life-changing results and their comments can be found on Anodea’s website

Anodea Judith, doctor in de psychologie en wijsbegeerte, is de grondlegger van Sacred Centers, wereldbekend auteur en leerkracht van het chakra-systeem en heelwordingswijzen. Zij is klinische psychologe en yoga leerkracht, die in haar workshops werkwijzen uit 30 jaar ervaring combineert op het gebied van integratie van lichaam en geest/verstand en ziel. Haar boeken die in het Nederlands zijn uitgegeven zijn: Chakra Werkboek, Chakra Psychologie, Reis door de Chakra’s en haar laatste, in de VS bekroonde, boek op gebied van sociale verandering: Hart voor de Wereld.

Programma 10.00-17.00 incl lunch
Prijs 95 euro incl lunch
Workshop zit vol

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