Breathing light into being with Akahi en Camilla

Retreat Pranic Being.

Pranic Being radiates in 8 days of states of love that are channeled by Akahi through the conscious breath. The Divine Nature of the being incarnates the Pranic State through the alignment of the mind, body, emotion, soul-spirit aspects.

In this process we work directly with the only consciousness of the Electromagnetic Camp (Merkaba, Aura, Body of Light) in breath, in silence, in stillness, activating different sensational states - neuronal and cellular (soul, mind, body) freeing and emptying the Being* of fears and conditioning that may be blocking the Universalization of evolving Love in the permanent expression of one’s Being.

As a consequence a great evolution in consciousness occurs and feelings of necessity created by the illusion of separation disappear, diminishing the necessity to eat, drink, sleep, get sick, age, and die, among many others. You also obtain control over your own vital cycle, as internal codes are activated, magnifying the atomic structure and reprogramming the DNA, expanding to your families and children, and new generations.

Results of 8 day proces

  • Dissolving old thought patterns, emotional conditionings and memories of unfortunate experiences on a cellular level

  • Birthing your whole Being and embodying all aspects of who you are

  • Awareness of the body’s healing capacities through visual activation and opening of new neurological pathways

  • Allowing your innate wisdom to guide you, recreating yourself for the experience of Happiness and Love

  • Bringing in the possibility of living on light and sustaining your body through Pranic Breathing


Day 1: Aligning the Body: eat your favorite fruits and drink fresh juices of the same fruits in the quantity that you choose.

Day 2: Aligning the Mind: drink very smooth fresh fruit juices, reaching a point in which you only drink water in the quantity you choose in the afternoon/evening.

Day 3: Aligning the Emotions: let go of everything in lightness and permit the Being to integrate into the emptiness in dry. No fruit or liquids will be ingested on this day, or days 4 and 5.

Day 4 and 5: Be Soul: in the Still Energy where the duality of the ego turns to dust, here you remember Being* sustained by the Universe and as a consequence the Pranic Consciousness flourishes, at your own natural way, easy and precise for you, it is purely the lived experience.

Day 6: Be Emotions: on this day from the place of conscious innocence you permit yourself to smoothly integrate liquids into your present, beginning with water in the morning and fresh fruit juice in the afternoon/evening.

Day 7: Be* Mind: expanding your perception and senses you permit yourself to drink juices made from your favorite fruits, teaching your body to ingest from the space of non-necessity, enjoyment, and pleasure.

Day 8: Be Body: on this day the Pranic Consciousness is manifested in the sensations, neurons, and cells and a recreation of the entire Being* occurs, observing the benefits of your process, contemplating the expansion of your consciousness and understanding and living it physically from your cellular structure, penetrating and going through all of your bodies and exteriorizing itself in life. On this day you will drink fresh fruit juices made from your favorite fruits.


Preparation: your intention is your preparation; eat lightly a week before the 8DP; when eating fruits please give preference to: apples and pears, as well as bananas, melons, grapes and all berries. Akahi and Camila will be giving all the Light, Guidance, Love and Assistance to each and every-One present during the whole process. Please visit Akahi’s website and the links for 8DP YouTube videos .

Dates, facts, prices

Date : 21 to 28 of August 2013
Location: Northwest Holland, Province of Friesland
Price: € 1.285, - This price includes the 8 days or 192 hours process, biodynamic fruit during the retreat plus accommodation in rooms with own shower and toilet for 2, 3 or 4 people. There is also one common bathroom with a bathtub.
Early registration price untill 15th of July is € 1.085,-


More information and registration: c

Gláucia Pedrosa Canabrava, Tel: 030 - 687 83 78 Mobile: 00 - 31 - 6 - 24 18 43 96 and communicate Rishis for your reduction

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