Tantra Workshop Living Beautifully

Tantra Workshop - Living Beautifully. A process for lovers of life, who are ready to allow their natural energy to flow. Tantra offers a fresh breath concerning intimate relating, sensuality and sex. It teaches us how to be present to ourselves and to be present to others, like our partner.

In an intensive personal process we explore and empower different dimensions of the human experience: sexuality and the physical body, sensitivity and feelings and, most important, the capacity to love yourself and others. Old conditionings dissolve; we experience ourselves as vibrant, alive beings. A feeling of rejuvenation and confidence opens new doors for life to enter. New people can enter our life and existing relationship can enter new dimensions. When energy flows love grows. This workshop can be done with or without a partner.

Homa & Mukto

For three decades Homa and Mukto have studied human nature and the art of being. Guided by the unique and profound understanding of the mystic Osho they have explored inner mysteries without losing touch with the vast, beautiful world that surrounds us and the adventures of day to day living.

Years of intensive training in western therapies and eastern meditation techniques refined their own style of work; vibrant, life changing and strongly connected to the present moment. Homa and Mukto know how to create an atmosphere of friendship, respect and honesty to work with a great variety of issues and methods  

Workshop Tantra

    • Locatie: Havelte
    • Datum: 27, 28 en 29 mei (start 27 mei 17.00)
    • Prijs: 365 € 


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