Toegevoegd door Saskia Beugel op 19-08-2007 om 00:00

Ik kreeg gisteren een mail van mijn eerste leraar in Rishikesh (Dharmananda) over licht, over donker over groei. Over the Lotusflower... in me.

'Remember every lamp has a dark area just underneath. It spreads light all around but is dark underneath. Every rose has a thorn. so do not concentrate on your dark side. Let it be there. The moon also has a dark side. Just keep improving the Light in you and share that as much as you can. The dark is only a contrast to show the beauty of the good side. without the dark we cannot appreciate the good. A lotus flower comes out of a muddy pool, but itself is very clean and pure. That is how we have to live. As the good increase the dark will lose its influence. You cannot eradicate the dark. It will be there in some form. So keep increasing the good as much as you can. Love yourself, love God and love all those who cross your path.'

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