Lucid Dreaming the art of Dream Yoga

Toegevoegd door Saskia Beugel op 03-06-2009 om 01:22

A step by step program for learning Lucid Dreaming the art of Dream Yoga. Is this a dream, one might ask? Am I awake? Each night as we fall asleep a remarkable transition between our waking and dream worlds takes place. This experience, which we take for granted, holds the key to the doorway of lucidity.

Lucid dreaming is a state of awareness in which we are conscious that we are dreaming while in a Dream State. Get ready for a journey into a world where time stands still, gravity has no effect and distance is perceived far differently than what we usually identify as normal; a world where our dreams really can come true.

Jerimiah presents a step by step program for entering the dream world through a process of meditation known as Dream Yoga, or wake induced lucid dreaming. A new type of awareness will be presented which combines the world of dreams with waking reality, creating a powerful tool that can assist anyone in achieving their dreams. We will focus on how to use the power of dreams as a tool for relieving depression, maintaining emotional balance, improving health and gaining greater fulfillment in life.

The Lucid Dream experience can help us understand the relationship between thought, emotion, and the negative or positive events we attract into our waking life. We will explore how the central nervous system can generate the necessary energy to travel between different dimensions of reality. The very natural and mundane experience of falling asleep holds the key to this doorway. Goal: To discover that lucid dreaming is a natural element of human consciousness. Learning Objectives: Explore the connection between dreams and the waking life Discover the true power of the human conscienceness as multi dimensional beings. Understand the latent powers that we all have and use every day to create our own reality

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