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This Path Is Beyond Oneness

By Guru Siddhananda

A sense of connectedness is a stepping stone to the truth. It is not the end. Within connectedness there is a sense of someone... a 'who' that is suffering and grasping. The ego can only go this far because within this consciousness there are still the illusive walls of safety -- there is still an illusive base of self-affirmations. ... there is still the push and pull of acceptance and rejection... . there are still waves of the transient play of mind that is at the center. There is still a 'someone' hoping.... a 'someone' wondering. Though the ego may have seemed to expanded when oneness is entered as a more heightened sense of love may be felt which can bring pleasure, the winds of maya are still very much active and at work. There is no solid ground within oneness. Many books are written from this state of consciousness. The aim of many spiritual groups is oneness because it feels safe. It feels connected and special.

Within this consciousness it feels as if the ego can be a better helper to the world as the heart is impassioned and fueled with a heightened sense of love or a heightened sense of grandness - this driving energy keeps one going. Unfortunately, most stop here within the journey - content with living beside the truth. Content with smelling and listening to the living waters, but not entering. Within however, there still remains the seeds of discontent that bloom, and a pushing away of truth... a deadness that sits... a cover that hides the pure light. Within oneness still lies resistance. Oneness is not a free state and sometimes this state can stunt the growth as within it's wake there is contentment - the contentment of stagnation.

Zero consciousness is vastly different from oneness. Zero carries nothing.... no attributes.. . no pride... no false hope.... no colors... no sense of achievement. .. no levels .... no bridges.... no distinctions. .. no categories.. specialness (thank goodness).. no up or down.... no *me* or *you*.... no ugly... no beautiful. Zero is nothing that can be spoken about or related. Zero can only be known when the mind is dead. When the mind stops it's movement and stillness is entered. When the safe lines are crossed - Zero is entered. Zero is not a person and can never become anything. Zero can never be made better and improved upon. Zero is not an achievement and cannot be perfected. Zero is present before the birth of the body ... carries on the same with the maturation of the body and remains the same after the body passes. Just like energy is ALWAYS equal - though it may appear to change hands and take a different shape -- it loses nothing, it gains nothing... it eternally stays the same. This is zero consciousness. This beauty is only known when the mind stills and reality presents itself in all directions - within, without. There is nothing beside 0-- nothing exists beside it as it is eternally what it is and can never change.

When zero-point consciousness is entered -- it is different than oneness in that within oneness, there is 'someone' loving, ;'someone' feeling better or worse... someone feeling expanded or constricted --- when 0-point consciousness is entered - it is KNOWN that the "me' did not come and go, but it never was... as a mirage never was. This is freedom... living completely free of the 'me' is freedom because within it, there are no self-imposed constrictions or boundaries.. . there is only flow and pure awareness... the eternal beauty that never dies... the clear space of now. There is nothing to improve up, nothing to do.... nothing to journey towards. There is only the stillness of NOW, the fullness that embraces all of life. There is not anyone pitted against another or aligned with another.... there is nothing... only silence of which the crisp sound and beauty of life emanates. There is no separation, a clear space... a vastness that awakens inherent wonder and joy... the seat of the heart -- the living waters..... this is zero point.

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