Feminine Power of our Earth Mother

Toegevoegd door Henry de la Croix op 15-02-2013 om 18:08

"You are part of the Feminine Power of our Earth Mother" Where the words shared by a truly wise Grandmother. Feel free to share.

“You are part of the Feminine Power of our Earth Mother.
A Power so Wise and Gentle that it has in itself the ability to Heal and Transform
the World we are living in and experience today.
A Power that has the Wisdom to Embrace and Connect, instead of to fight and separate.  
A Power so Wise that it is totally the opposite of what humans think. 
A Power, which is unstoppable in its desire to flow free as Life itself.
To Heal with Humility, in Harmony from the Heart.
To Create an atmosphere of Love, Joy, Acceptance, Blessing and Gratitude.  
To Connect with All there Is, with all living beings, on the three levels of existence. 
Remembering on an inner level the four indestructible and inseparable powers of nature.  

When You remember your Inheritance fully and act upon that,
The Heavens are touched by You, a Being of Light.
Full of joy because they know that You found your way back Home”.

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Henry de la Croix

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